Chess Series


Ceramic handmade Sake Pot made by Kurinuki style by Gopal “Kalapremi” Shrestha. This is an art piece, each one is different and unique. A signature of our “Suiro-Kalapremi” Collection- “Chess Series” Series.

The Chess Series is inspired by the players in the game of Chess and their individual responsibility.

The King?is the most powerful, the most venerated. With lots of responsibility on his shoulder, a King stands upright. A strong King surrounded by a loyal and intelligent court is what makes his team strongest.?

The Queen?is considered the most powerful piece in the game of chess. She is allowed to move in any direction and in as many squares as she wants. History has proven that many reigning queens could be ruthless when it came to battles and wars.??She is also the Heart of the Court.?

The Knight??is elegant and proud, the Knight stands. A high-ranking fighter, its movement is most unique. It is elegant and graceful in its stance.

The Bishop?stands close to the king and queen because it represents the church which many royal courts held near and dear to their hearts. This is also considered the third most powerful piece on the chessboard because back in the day religion could influence many people, even without the help of the royal family.

The Rook?is the protective barrier or the walls that protect the higher-ranking pieces. The Rook symbolizes protection over royalty, in the same way, a castle or a tower protects those on the inside.


Gopal Das “Kalapremi” is Nepal’s legendary Ceramist, Sculptor, and Visual Artist.

Widely popular in countries like Nepal, Pakistan, China, Denmark, Austria, and Korea, his work stands out because of its unique style.

Handmade in Nepal.


Artist: Gopal “Kalapremi” Shrestha


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