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Shipping & Handling

Shipping & Handling

Shipping and Handling

We process and ship orders from our warehouse Sunday to Friday from 10am - 5pm and the delivery will be done within 2 Business Day.  For the confirmation of the order you will be receiving a call from our team in the morning. The Delivery charges may apply according to the company policy.

Shipping Rates

We offer standard shipping of Rs.100 on all orders below Rs. 5,000/- within the ring road area (2 business days)! Free shipping within the ring road area for order over Rs. 5,000/-. We offer standard shipping of Rs.150 on all orders outside the ring road area and outside the valley (4 business days). When opting for outside the valley shipping, customers are required to come to pick up their order from the cargo office. The cargo office will call to ask the customer to receive their order.

Shipping Restrictions

Shipping of ceramic and glass goods are incredibly risky. While we use the best method for packing these fragile goods, the way it is handled during shipment makes the most difference. Since the shipment is handled by a third party, we cannot bear any responsibility for the damage to these goods while shipping. Please order with the utmost understanding of this risk.