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A Tea Story from the Himalayas

Our Mission

A Tea Story from the Himalayas

The mission of Suiro Teas Pvt. Ltd. is to ethically and sustainably source the best quality teas from Nepal and promote the country’s high quality tea to the world. We are committed to supporting the livelihoods of local farmers and workers by implementing fair trade practices and minimizing our environmental impact through responsible sourcing and packaging.

Our Tea Collections

Why choose Suiro?


Eco-friendly tea Suiro: Sustainable sips.

Sourced From the Himalayas

Himalayan-sourced tea with delightful flavor.


Nourishing, antioxidant-rich, invigorating, natural

Supporting Farmers

Empowering farmers through fair trade.

Premium Quality

Exquisite. Rich. Finest. Luxurious. Superior

Tea Tasting

Tea tasting is not merely a beverage experience; it is an immersive journey that captivates the senses and unveils the hidden treasures of the tea world. In Suiro Teas we invite participants  participants to embark on a sensory exploration of various tea varieties.

Tea Training

The Tea Training Course by Suiro Teas is a comprehensive program covering tea preparation techniques, types, and blends. Participants learn about tea’s rich history, cultural significance, traditional ceremonies, utensils, and tea culture.

Tea Culture and Ceramic Art​

Suiro Tea nurtures tea culture and ceramic art by hosting tea tasting events and collaborating with estates for tea farm visits. We also organize events that highlight and support ceramic artists. Suiro Tea is dedicated to promoting the rich tradition of tea and the exquisite craftsmanship of ceramics, providing opportunities for tea enthusiasts to explore and appreciate these art forms while supporting and showcasing the talent of ceramic artists.

Tea Room Cum Book Store

Suiro Tea collaborates with Mr. Kiran Gautam, Managing Director of Current Media and Research Center, to establish a tea room cum book store. The cozy space offers a variety of books for all ages and interests, while also providing a peaceful ambiance for individuals or groups to enjoy different teas. With a charming garden and koi fish pond, it merges the pleasures of reading and tea, creating a delightful haven for bookworms and tea enthusiasts.


Tea Tourism

Nepal’s diverse tea regions, including Illam, Dhankuta, and Jhapa, offer visitors the chance to explore various tea types and production methods. With its breathtaking landscapes and rich tea culture, Nepal has great potential for tea tourism, attracting global travellers seeking unique experiences.


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