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A Tea Story from the Himalayas

Tea Room Cum Book Store

Tea Room Cum Book Store

In Suiro we have a tea room cum book store opened in collaboration with Mr. Kiran Gautam managing director of Current Media and Research Center . The book store will have various kinds of books ranging from children books to research oriented books for all works of life .It is a place where individuals or groups can gather to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere while savoring different types of tea. With a nice ambiance, and a garden with a koi fish pond the space is cozy and quaint .Our Tea room cum book store is a delightful fusion of two worlds, combining the pleasures of reading books and savoring tea in one inviting space. This concept provides a cozy and intellectually stimulating environment for bookworms and tea enthusiasts alike.

We offer a wide selection of teas, including various blends and specialty teas, allowing patrons to explore different flavors and aromas. Tea room also emphasize the art of tea preparation and presentation, with trained staff members knowledgeable about tea brewing techniques and able to provide recommendations based on individual preferences.

Overall, the book store outlet incorporates the pleasure of reading books with the enjoyment of tea-drinking which creates a unique and enticing space for book enthusiasts. It encourages relaxation, exploration, and the celebration of literature in a setting that embraces both the written word and the comfort of tea.

This dedicated space will be used for host book readings, author signings, literary discussions, or book club meetings. These events would provide opportunities for readers and authors to connect, share insights, and foster a sense of community among book enthusiasts. Tea tastings or workshops will also be organized, allowing patrons to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of teas.