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How to Brew the Magic Blooming Flower Tea

BlogHow to Brew the Magic Blooming Flower Tea

1️⃣ The most important factor- BOILING WATER 🍵

We suggest you don’t overlook the temperature of the water. Let the water boil to the fullest before pouring it onto the Flower Ball.

2️⃣ Bottom Wide Mug or Teapot:

You must use a Tea-ware that has sufficient space for the Flower to bloom. Small space = not enough space for the flower to bloom.

Our suggestion? A wine glass that can withstand high temperature🍷

3️⃣ Gentle pouring of water:

Avoid pouring water on the flower ball harshly. Pour with great love and care ❤️ 

4️⃣ Patience is 🗝 :

The ball starts to unravel after 2-3 mins and it takes another 2-3 minutes for the Magic Flower to bloom fully. Patience is 🗝

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