Milk Tea

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Relax and enjoy a cup of our premium Milk Tea, made from real tea leaves. Milk Tea is best with milk to create the perfect blend of creaminess, aroma, and taste.

[ ? ] Organically grown
[ ? ] Antioxidants
[ ? ] Vegan
[ ? ] Zero calories
[ ? ] Non-GMO
[ ? ] Medium in Caffeine

Small Pack:
250 grams
2 grams = 1 cup
125 Total Servings

Big Pack:
500 grams
2 grams = 1 cup
250 Total Servings

Teabag Pack:
30 Teabags
1 Teabag = 1 Cup
30 Total Servings

Responsibly-Sourced and Hand Picked with Love In Nepal. Truly a Tea Story from the Himalayas.

How to use:

Loose Leaf:??Boil hot water (100??C) and 2 gms of Milk Tea. Strain. Add milk and sugar. Enjoy!

Teabag: Pour hot water (100??C) over 1 teabag (2 gms) of Milk Tea in a mug of choice. Let it steep for 2-3 mins.??Add milk and sugar. Enjoy!

Milk Tea is great for brunch or for afternoon tea. Milk Tea is made from the tea leaves of Camellia Sinensis, which have been fermented and then dried for a roasted aroma. When brewed with milk, Milk Tea also contains Calcium, Vitamin D, and Antioxidants – all of which are beneficial for your health.

Benefits of Milk Tea:?

  • Boosts immunity: Contains anti-inflammatory properties that support immune system health
  • Increases energy: Provides a natural energy boost.
  • Aids digestion: Assists in digestion and may alleviate stomach cramps.
  • Supports weight loss: Helps block fat absorption in cells, leading to reduced body fat and potential weight loss

Kraft (500 gm), Kraft(250 gm), Tea Bag ( 30 Pcs )


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