Complete 7-Piece Matcha Making Set: Master the Matcha Ritual


Suiro Teas’ 7-piece matcha making set includes everything for frothy perfection: premium whisk, holder, spoon & your choice of bowl. Master the matcha ceremony at home!

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Master the Matcha Ritual: Complete 7-Piece Matcha Making Set

Embrace an authentic matcha experience in a 7-piece traditional Matcha making package. Prepare Matcha in traditional way with this complete set.
With this set, you can make authentic and tasty matcha at home, collectively with the matcha bowl of your selection.

Essential 7 PCS:

  • Ceramic/ Bamboo Bowl (Chawan) of choice
  • Bamboo Whisk (Chasen)
  • Ceramic Whisk Holder
  • Bamboo Scoop (Chashaku)
  • Tea Towel
  • Scoop Holder
  • Strainer

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


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