Small Chrysanthemum

Small Chrysanthemum

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Chrysanthemum is placed in a teacup with boiling water and steeped for several minutes until the water turns a golden yellow color. The result is a naturally gentle sweet herbal tea with a subtle floral aroma.

Recommended by herbalists as :
- Cooling herb for the body when it’s overheated
- Help treat fever
- Sore throat
- Cold symptoms in the early stages of illness
- Connected to the energy channels of the lungs, liver, kidneys, and spleen.
- Great for the eyes.
- For people with the right body constitution, chrysanthemum tea can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, improve blood flow, and normalize blood pressure.

40 grams (Pack Size)
1 gram = 3 cups (after the 1st steep, refill hot water 2 more times)
120 Total Servings

10 grams (Sampler Pack)
1 gram = 3 cups (after the 1st steep, refill hot water 2 more times)
30 Total Servings

Responsibly-Sourced and Hand Picked with Love. Truly a Tea Story from the Himalayas.

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