About suiro teas

Suiro originates from an ancient Nepalese song describing two leaves and one bud of tea. Founded in Nepal south of the gorgeous Himalayas, Suiro is blessed with abundant natural resources and a favorable tea growing environment. High altitude, clouds, plenty of sunshine and rainfall, all these are prerequisites for high-quality tea raw materials. The snow-capped mountains the Himalayas are also rich in flowers and herbs. Suiro is a tea story from the Himalayas, and our resources of tea, flowers, and herbal ingredients are all grown in the Himalayas. We believe in natural sources, natural taste and natural feelings.

The story of tea is not just the story of a leaf. It contains the characteristics of the daily life of people, a national culture, and it is also a form of art in life. The vessels and the way of making tea show the art and culture of the country. Our company firmly believes that our success lies in excellent quality of tea as well as spreading the knowledge and culture of tea.


Dr. Anup Sharma graduated from the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences; PHD in life science. Liao Hongmei graduated from Hunan Agricultural University with a bachelor's degree in plant resources and a master's degree in plant chemistry from the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are both tea and nature lovers, and they believe that the superior quality and design of Suiro products determines its brand future. Tea is not only a healthy drink but also a naturual link for human communication.

Constant Innovation

We are a young, innovative and dynamic Tea Company that focuses on quality. As a result, we are constantly enlarging our dynamic team with both young and experienced individuals. By creating new, innovative varieties, we are continuously optimizing our range and adapting to the ever-changing and newly emerging Tea market.